Monday, December 14, 2009

Welcome Again

I never thought I would be back writing again.

As you can see the greetings down, it was three years ago already.

Anyway I would just like to greet everyone MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Write Here Waiting


Saturday, December 23, 2006





Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I got caught being a victim of what I have been warning those I was hitting balls with. It is really very hard to change something you have been used to. Learning guitar is also like learning to play tennis. If there is no one to guide you with the correct strokes you will end up acquiring awkward or unorthodox styles. Sometimes it is really not that bad because even with the unusual or ugly looking style some were able to perform very well.

Through some of my journeys in the web I found some video sites like YouTube featuring some musicians playing guitar. Then I tried those who might be playing "Jeux Interdits" (the one I have been trying to learn). Luckily there are a lot of them in that site, but I found out that I have been playing it wrong all that time. Thinking that I can imitate the way they play it, I also found out that it is not that easy. I already develop a habit of playing it differently. Now I am struggling because I want to play it the way they are doing it. In other words I am virtually back to zero with a lot of things to correct and I am not sure if it is possible to correct the way I am playing it.

To describe it, when I play it I usually do it finger by finger while when I saw this good guitar players they are playing them using some chords making the transition smoother. These videos are very good tool to help me correct and improve myself. Although I am aware of this mindset trap, my eagerness to learn the piece prevail upon me. Anyway, now I have something to work on to correct myself.

Friday, September 08, 2006


I do not know if I have used the right term.

It started when one day I just noticed when I looked into the mirror that I have developed two ugly looking bulges in my waistline. Besides I just learned that I have gained a few pounds. Something might have contributed to this. Then I thought that I might have been doing something that through the days it just add up and without me knowing it, this is the result.

I told myself that if this is the result of something that developed slowly, so I thought of reversing the process. I also develop some routines that would inch me back to my former weight and figure, like altering my eating habits, and although I don’t have time to have a rigid exercise I make it a point to take advantage of some opportunities to do it like not using the elevator and walking my way to the office (besides once or twice a week I play tennis).

Later on, I thought of applying this process of inching to my other lifestyle, like spending, savings, cleaning up, reading, etc. There are a lot of things that we are not usually aware of that we may be inching towards good or bad things. Sometimes we just tend to be indulged too much into those things that gives us too much pleasure, not realizing the consequences.

Now the important thing is that I have pointed the inching part to the positive side. Hope if you will read this, you can also gain something from it.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


There are times when you really feel so helpless and depressed. Times like you seem to be so worthless and immobile. You are so incapable that even imagining the possibilities and opportunities, you can’t think of anything. You want to move on, fight and enlighten yourself, but frustrations and hopelessness is weakening you. Even if you try to reach out, there’s no one there. Your head is spinning out of so many things.

Honestly I know how does one feel. That is why I am imagining those who are without jobs or livelihood in our country. We have some friends who already went home and continue to be in touch and they are telling us how hard to cope with day to day living. How much more those who really have nothing. Those who have families (with many children) and plenty of mouths to feed. And that is speaking only of food, but what about clothing, shelter and education? You can say that they are feeling the same way as what I have mentioned above.

Could it be that there are those who are just lucky? Some have more chances, even without having to strive or exert effort are doing better in life. Is life really a race wherein those who are faster to grab the opportunities are the ones who get ahead in life. We can’t say that these people (above) want something more, I am sure they are wanting or wishing to have just enough. Life is different now compared to that some years before, where you can live decently even as a farmer, laborer or a factory worker. I can remember that in our neighborhood on those days, there are those who earn their living, not even as being regularly employed, but by being on their own as a carpenter, plumber, mason, barber, watch repairman, vendor, etc. And from those jobs, they were able to raise their children and most of them were able to produce successful professionals and businessmen.

Now, even doubling our effort or having to work even both as parents, we find it really very hard to cope with day to day expenses. One could be just as lucky if you have a stable job or business. I just can’t imagine those who don’t have or just lose their jobs. Much more, I cannot imagine myself being one (not again).

Life really is all about chances (or maybe choices). The ones you create for yourself and those you can create for others.

Friday, July 07, 2006

World Cup 2006

Football World Cup 2006 is almost over and is now down to the last two, meaning the FINALS. That is between Italy and France. I am sad my favorite team BRAZIL didn’t make it. They are the hot favorites at the start of this tournament. Anyway, so far it is a good tournament. Sadly also, I cannot enjoy it because I was not able to watch the game live.

As for this post, I would just like to make some suggestions regarding the format wherein after the game is tied even after the bonus 30 minutes each for both teams the game should be decided by penalty shoot outs. I wish they could come up with better way to break the tie. Penalty shootouts is very hard and cruel to both the teams (especially the players) and the fans.

I am thinking the following suggestions:

The first suggestion is to remove the goalkeeper. Allowing both teams to score as many points during regular play both without any goalkeeper.

The second is that each team will be given an advantage of 11-9 number of players at the first 2/3 part of the extra time in each half. The last 1/3 part (of each half) both teams can even the number of players. The idea is that to remove the disadvantage for the first team availing of the 11-9 ratio besides to allow the referee the same decisions in allowing extra minutes in the end for injury times as in the regular play.

As to future World Cups, I would like to suggest that those countries who until now have not have the chance to participate or make it to the World Cup finals be given the chance to have a tournament of their own. The Champion to be given the chance to play in the finals. This will be considered great by those countries wishing and dreaming of making it to the finals. This will revitalize the interest of other countries in football and encourage them to improve further their team and allow them the once in a lifetime chance of being in World Cup finals.

These are just some humble suggestions. I just really love sports.